Dog Looks Confused While Searching for his owner

This Dog’s Search For His Owner After She “Disappeared” Is A Comical Scene

If we were to drop a coin for every time our four-legged buddies bring a smile to our faces, it is pretty certain that we’d have a jar full of coins.

Dogs are great companions and it is super fun to have them around. From wearing cute Halloween costumes to hijacking toys from their sibling, these fur cuties do brighten up our days.

They are loving and loyal in nature, and have an unbreakable attachment to their owners. Their devotion and commitment to keeping us happy is unmatched.

In a recent TikTok video, we have had an eye fill of how amusing dogs can be. Although they are very smart and intelligent, with a strong sense of smell, they can still get tricked. Take a look at this comical scene.

At the start of the video, the dog mom calls out to her dog and immediately goes into hiding up the ceiling. Answering his mum’s call, the golden Retriever walks into the room but finds his owner in the spot her voice came from.

Puzzled he turned around, wondering where she went. His confusion was so obvious that he kept trying to pick up her scent, pretty sure that he could smell her but she was invincible to him.

What even caused this scene to be more hilarious was the Husky. Though he knew where exactly his owner went, he just sat there with a nonchalant look on his face, pretending not to know anything.

The golden retriever kept on searching and looking from corner to corner, he even had to go outside the room to check for his owner, while the husky maintained his stance of not knowing anything about their owner’s disappearance.

All in all, the golden retriever knows one thing for sure, their mom is right there in the house but the confusion is that he can’t still find her. Dogs are super cute and this video was a lot of fun to watch.

It showcased the adorable love and connection dogs have for their humans, even when falling victim to their tricks that leave them puzzled and clueless.

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