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dog walking

Dog walking

Ever feel like your furry friend could use more than just a quick stroll around the block? At PawsAndTheCity NYC, we believe every walk should be an adventure. That's why our Dog Walking service is designed to give your pup the excitement, exercise, and exploration they crave and deserve.

Hey there, Dog Parents of NYC!

In the bustling streets of New York City, your dog finds a world full of sights, sounds, and smells that are just waiting to be discovered. Our dog walking adventures are more than mere walks; they're tailored experiences that cater to your dog's curiosity and energy levels. Whether it's a leisurely amble in the park, a brisk walk through the neighborhood, or a playful jog, we make every outing special.

Your pet safety is our top priority.

It's not just about physical exercise.

Our professional dog walkers are passionate about pets and experts in making every walk safe, enjoyable, and stimulating. We match your dog with a walker who understands their unique needs and personality, ensuring they get the most out of every adventure. And because we know how much you love your dog, we make it a point to share the joy of their discoveries with you, through updates and snapshots of their outings.

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