If you are a long-time dog lover, we are pretty sure that you will be aware of the fact that golden retrievers are one of the best dog breeds that fit in any home setting. They are renowned to be part of the most loved and popular dogs worldwide. And we’ll they have fairly earned their position as exceptional furry companions.

Additionally to their captivating personality, golden retrievers are also friendly and gentle nature which has made them fantastic family pets as they greet with kids, and other pets and often welcome strangers.

In a TikTok video, we got an eye full of the naughtiness and enthusiasm of golden retrievers, Buster and Scooby as if to prove the fun-loving characteristics of their breed. Take a look.

As the video began, their owner could be heard telling them to behave before she opened the door but it was obvious that these fur babies were too excited to listen as they kept pacing and wagging their tails furiously. As soon as the door swung open, these extremely excited dogs, dashed out with so much joy, enthusiasm, and energy.

We are quite sure that they couldn’t resist the appeal of the blue water as both headed straight to the pool. These two fun lovers, especially Buster kept hopping from water to land, he does showcase some of his diving and swimming skills.

Without heeding his mum’s insistent warnings about keeping his cool and misbehaving, Buster kept leaping and sending water droplets in every direction and even jumping on his brother in the pool. You could tell that both dogs were having a swell time even though Scooby was a little bit more composed compared to Buster.

Well, we are not so surprised by their excitement as Golden retrievers are easily drawn to water and swimming to reduce their body temperature. They can in fact adapt to various living situations as long as they have access to lots of water.

The adorable bond between these two dogs and their human family is a quick reminder of the amount of joy and bliss that our furry friends can bring to our lives. Most importantly this video showed us all that the greatest pleasure can be found in the simplest things as portrayed by Buster and Scooby.