Golden Retrievers have a way of being not just super adorable but also incredibly fun-loving and cute while at it. Their enthusiastic and happy nature can turn any moment into a joyous one.

It is not news that golden retrievers can brighten up any household with their unique personalities and antics. They are super friendly and easygoing dog breeds that bring a lot of entertainment to the lives of their owners

And this is where our dearest friend Maui comes in, as this Golden retriever takes to TikTok to showcase some of his cute Halloween costumes, and we absolutely love every second of this video.

There’s no doubt about that Maui looks exceptionally cute in every Halloween costume he wears. Although how he pulls off each costume is hilarious, we find his uncanny efforts to feed our eyes with some pup fashion super adorable.

It all started with the bat “dog” costume, which had us in stitches as it was an epic fail trying to put up with his shoes and cape. Next was the Snow White costume, which he successfully pulled off as he parades with the grace of a true “princess”.

Maui’s reveal didn’t stop there as he takes up the role of bumblebee in the next Halloween. As much as he did look cute in this costume, his wings get caught up and cause him to be unable to move.

Now, Maui did save the best for the last as he outdid himself In his Magnificent costume. He looks astonishingly good wearing this outfit and ready to blow minds. Rather than being spooky, this adorable golden retriever is spreading laughter and happiness.

With his heartwarming and hilarious transformations, we will give Maui a solid 10/10 for every Halloween costume and an extra score for his efforts to bring smiles to our faces.