Chew toys are crucial for Bernese Mountain Dogs, providing fun and aiding in dental health by cleaning teeth and strengthening jaws. When choosing toys, it’s important to ensure they are made from durable, non-toxic materials to withstand vigorous chewing, and are large enough to be safe but still easy for the dog to handle.

Additionally, toys that dispense treats offer mental stimulation and should be easy to clean to maintain hygiene. Our thorough research and testing have led us to a selection of chew toys that meet these requirements. They cater to the unique needs and preferences of these large dogs, making them ideal for both play and health maintenance.

Top Chew Toys for Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs are gentle giants with a strong need to chew. To keep our furry friends satisfied and our possessions safe, we’ve gathered a selection of the best chew toys designed to withstand their powerful jaws. Our recommendations are based on durability, safety, and fun to ensure hours of entertainment and dental health benefits for these lovable dogs.

1. Vitscan Yellow Goose Toy

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We believe the Vitscan Yellow Goose could be a delightful addition to your pup’s collection, offering both fun and function yet with durability that may not meet the needs of the most voracious chewers.

So, we just tossed the Vitscan’s plush goose into our pooch’s play mix, and the fun that unfolded was worth noting! The variety in textures and the engaging squeaky sounds had our furry friend bouncing around in delight, reminiscent of their natural play and prey instincts. Its lightweight design meant our dog could carry it everywhere, and it was a hoot watching them shake and chase after the toy during our interactive tossing games.

However, it wasn’t long before resilience—or the lack thereof—came into question. Our Bernese, known to show no mercy to her toys, began to work her magic, and the seams gave in sooner than anticipated. The “indestructible” claim was met with skepticism, as the toy faced a de-stuffing spectacle mere days into its tenure in our home.

Tails wagging, we’d love to say the fun lasted; but in an honest reflection, this toy might be more suitable for moderate chewers who’d adore its softness and cleverly concealed noisemakers. Given its challenges, we recommend dog owners with particularly large or determined chewers to vet their options carefully, possibly considering this toy as an occasional treat rather than a staple in the chew toy arsenal.

2. Fuufome Crocodile Chew Toy

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We believe this chew toy is a solid choice for your Bernese Mountain Dog because of its durability and design features that cater to strong chewers. After spending some quality time with the Fuufome Crocodile Chew Toy, we’ve noticed that it holds up really well against the determined gnawing of our Bernese Mountain Dogs. The mixed texture of hard nylon and rubber has proven beneficial, providing a satisfying chewing experience for our furry companions.

The clever design of this toy really does wonders for dental hygiene. The raised rubber spots on the crocodile help clean teeth, keeping our pups’ breath fresher. The dogs are noticeable attracted to the chew toy, thanks to the subtle milk aroma, keeping them engaged and less interested in household items.

We’ve also used this toy to interact with our dogs, contributing to their mental stimulation and training. While it’s certainly strong, we’ve found that after a few months of constant chewing, the toy does show wear. The edges can get rough, and although it’s still in one piece, it’s become a bit more hazardous for bare feet if left lying around. On the other hand, the toy’s weight doesn’t seem to bother our dogs, but smaller breeds might find it a bit too heavy.

3. Collecta Bernese Mini

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We think this Collecta Bernese dog figurine is perfect for anyone looking for a lifelike representation to celebrate their love for the breed. When we first laid eyes on this miniature, the attention to detail immediately struck us. Every marking on the Bernese is meticulously hand-painted, conveying the playful and affectionate nature inherent in the breed. The sturdiness of the vinyl used in this figurine is impressive, feeling solid and unbreakable in hand. This not only speaks to its durability but also assures us of its lasting presence.

Its versatility shines after using it as a charming addition to a collector’s display and a delightful topper for a celebration cake. It serves as a wonderful memento that could invigorate any setting, bringing a touch of whimsy and warmth. Friends have been equally pleased, noting how it splendidly captured the essence of their own Bernese companions.

Despite its small stature, which might not fulfill everyone’s expectations for play-size, we found it to be an ideal scale for its purposes. The Collecta Bernese toy won’t hold up to rigorous tossing or fetching, leaving it more suited to gentle play or decoration. While the lack of moving parts might limit imaginative play, it’s an artifact that certainly pleases the eye.

In essence, this Collecta figurine earns our recommendation for anyone seeking a high-quality, realistic Bernese Mountain Dog representation. Its authenticity and sturdiness set it apart, making it useful for various applications, from educational to ornamental. Although its size and playability are not its strongest points, they do not overshadow its charm and craftsmanship.

4. Benebone Chew Toys

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Our Bernese Mountain Dog couldn’t get enough of these chew toys; they’re tough and flavorful and have kept our buddy busy for hours. After weeks of thorough testing, it’s clear Benebone’s large 4-pack is a surefire hit with our gentle giant. The toys’ durability means we aren’t constantly replacing them—a common issue with many other toys.

We’ve noticed that the unique flavors, like bacon, have added an exciting twist to chew time. The absence of loud squeaks is a pleasant relief for our ears, while the intense smell seems to entice our Bernese even more than usual.

It’s heartwarming to see the joy in our dog’s eyes when it’s time to play with these nylon chews. Their design allows for an easy grip, making it a breeze for our dog to carry them anywhere—from cozy indoor spots to adventurous outdoor escapes.

5. Playology Beef Scented Bone

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We think this bone toy is an excellent choice for large, powerful chewers thanks to its unique scented technology and dual-layer durability. Our Bernese Mountain Dog was immediately drawn to the Playology Beef Scented Bone due to the enticing beef aroma embedded within the toy. Observing her interaction with it, it’s clear the scent adds a new level of excitement not found in unscented chew toys.

During playtime, we noticed that the toy’s durability held up well. While some chew toys have succumbed to our dog’s gnawing vigor, this bone toy’s dual-layer design withstood her enthusiastic chewing, seemingly impervious to her relentless jaws. It’s a relief not to worry about her breaking it apart quickly.

Its maintenance ease sealed the deal for us beyond the toy’s strength. A quick rinse is all it takes to have it looking as good as new, which is incredibly convenient. However, it’s essential to note the size can be misleading; the “large” toy is not as large as we anticipated, which could be an issue for anyone with a particularly grand Bernese. And while it held up for us, some reviews suggest it may not withstand the most tenacious of chewers out there. Despite being slightly higher in price, the unique features of this scent-infused chew toy seem to justify the cost, especially when you see how much our Bernese adores it.

Choosing The Best Chew Toys For Bernese Mountain Dogs

Size and Durability

When we’re selecting chew toys for a Bernese Mountain Dog, we pay close attention to size and durability. These dogs have powerful jaws, so the chew toy should be large enough to prevent accidental swallowing and sturdy enough to withstand heavy chewing.

  • Appropriate size: toy should be big enough to chew without being a choking hazard
  • High durability: materials that resist tearing and can endure prolonged chewing

Material Safety

We give preference to toys made from non-toxic materials. The safety of our pets is paramount, so we ensure the chew toys don’t contain harmful chemicals that could be ingested.

  • Natural rubber or nylon: commonly used non-toxic materials
  • Avoid small parts: can be swallowed or cause choking

Type of Chew Toy

Understanding our dogs’ chewing behavior helps us pick the right type of toy. We consider options like dental chews for oral health or interactive toys to keep them engaged.

  • Dental chew toys: improve dental hygiene
  • Interactive chew toys: enhance mental stimulation


Our choice also hinges on how easy the toy is to clean, as hygiene is important. We select toys that are simple to wash and can be sanitized without degrading the material.

  • Ease of cleaning: should be dishwasher safe or easy to hand wash
  • Water-resistant: materials that do not harbor bacteria when wet

By considering these factors, we ensure that our Bernese Mountain Dog has a suitable, safe, and enjoyable chew toy experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often encounter common inquiries when selecting the ideal chew toys for Bernese Mountain Dogs. Our purpose is to address these questions with clear and actionable information.

What types of chew toys are most durable for Bernese Mountain Dogs?

Rubber and nylon toys are typically the most durable options for Bernese mountain dogs. These materials can withstand strong jaws and frequent chewing.

Which chewing bones are safe and healthy for Bernese Mountain Dogs?

Chewing bones made from natural ingredients and designed for large breeds are safe. Avoid cooked bones as they can splinter, and opt for rawhide alternatives or dental chews specifically made for bigger dogs.

How can I ensure a chew toy is suitable for a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy?

For a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, choose chew softer toys to protect their developing teeth. Toys should also be size-appropriate to prevent swallowing and choking hazards.

In terms of materials, what are the best chew toys for a Bernese Mountain Dog?

The best materials for these toys include tough rubber, double-knit rope, and durable nylon. These materials resist tearing and can handle rigorous play.

What features should I look for in a toy for my Bernese Mountain Dog to ensure it lasts?

Look for non-toxic chew toys, dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, and have reinforced seams if fabric-based. Toys with a warranty or guarantee provide an added level of assurance.

How can I keep my Bernese Mountain Dog entertained with their toys?

Rotate toys regularly to keep interest high. Interactive toys that allow you to hide treats inside can also keep your dog engaged and mentally stimulated.