Choosing the right companion dog for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi can make all the difference in maintaining a happy and harmonious household. We aim to help you find breeds that get along well with Corgis, ensuring they both enjoy social interactions, playtime, and mutual companionship. By considering these factors, we can enhance the well-being and joy of your Corgi and their new friend.

In this article, we discuss breeds that excel as Corgi companions due to their temperaments and compatibility. Our focus is on selecting dogs that complement the lively and affectionate nature of Pembroke Welsh Corgis. This way, you can confidently choose a breed that will be a great match for your beloved Corgi.

1. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
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The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a great companion for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Both breeds are intelligent and energetic, which makes them well-suited companions.

Cardigans are known for their loyal nature and would get along well with Pembrokes. They share a similar build, but Cardigans have a long, foxlike tail while Pembrokes typically do not.

Cardigans come in a wider range of coat colors, adding a bit of variety when paired with Pembrokes. These characteristics make the Cardigan Welsh Corgi an excellent choice for families already enjoying the company of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

2. Golden Retriever

golden retrievers
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Golden Retrievers are wonderful companions for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. They have friendly and kind temperaments, making them great playmates. Both breeds enjoy being active, so they can have lots of fun together.

Golden Retrievers are known for their patience. This quality helps them get along well with the energetic and sometimes stubborn Corgi. Both breeds are intelligent, which makes training easier for us.

We also find that Golden Retrievers love to socialize, just like Corgis. They can help keep each other company and prevent loneliness. Their adaptable nature means they can fit into most homes and lifestyles.

3. Border Collie

border collie blue merle dog
border collie blue merle dog

Border Collies are a great choice to pair with Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Both breeds are intelligent and energetic, making them a good match. They enjoy similar activities and need lots of physical and mental stimulation.

Border Collies have a strong herding instinct, just like Corgis. This shared trait can lead to cooperative play and mutual understanding between the two dogs.

In terms of size, Border Collies are medium-sized, which complements the compact build of a Corgi. This makes management and care easier for us, as they can share similar resources.

Both breeds benefit from structured training and can learn commands quickly. Having two smart dogs means we need to be prepared for a dynamic household, full of activities and interactions.

This pairing ensures an active and engaging environment for both pets and owners, blending well in various lifestyles.

4. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog playing outdoor. Sheltie jumping up
Shetland Sheepdog. Image: Envato Elements

The Shetland Sheepdog, also known as the Sheltie, is a great companion for our Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These dogs are smart, loyal, and very trainable. They share a similar herding background with Corgis, so they have a lot in common.

Shelties are known for their affectionate nature. They love to spend time with their families and are good with kids. This makes them perfect playmates for our Corgis.

Both breeds are energetic and need regular exercise. Taking them on walks or playing fetch in the yard can help keep them happy and healthy. Their sizes are also compatible, making interactions smoother and safer.

In terms of grooming, Shelties have a double coat that needs regular brushing. This is similar to the grooming needs of our Corgi, so we can maintain a consistent grooming routine for both dogs.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an excellent companion for our Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They have a friendly and gentle nature, which complements the Corgi’s energetic personality.

They are small and sweet dogs, making them ideal housemates.

These spaniels are known for their affectionate behavior. They love to cuddle and get along well with other pets. This includes the bouncy and sociable Corgi.

Their moderate exercise needs align well with our Corgi’s habits, ensuring both dogs stay happy and fit.

The Cavalier King’s graceful demeanor balances out the Corgi’s lively and playful behavior. This combination works well in a household looking for harmony and companionship.

6. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Puppy Sitting In Green Summer Grass. The Welsh Corgi Is A Small Type Of
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Puppy

Pembroke Welsh Corgis make great companions. Known for their moderate size and strong, sturdy build, they fit well in many living spaces, including apartments.

They’re active and intelligent, which means they need regular exercise and mental stimulation. Simple activities like obedience training, agility courses, or even just playing fetch can keep them happy and healthy.

Our Corgis are also very loyal and affectionate. They enjoy spending time with their families and tend to get along well with other pets. Their friendly and adaptable nature makes them excellent companions for households with children or other animals.

7. Bernese Mountain Dog

cute bernese mountain dog lying on floor in veterinary clinic
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Bernese Mountain Dogs are gentle giants. They have a calm and friendly demeanor, which makes them great companions for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These dogs are known for their loyalty and patience, traits that are beneficial when living with the energetic and playful Corgi.

Their large size might be intimidating at first, but their affectionate nature quickly wins hearts. They are protective yet gentle, making them a good match for homes with smaller dogs like Corgis.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are also quite social and enjoy spending time with both people and other dogs. Their easygoing personality can help balance the Corgi’s more active and sometimes stubborn nature. Together, they create a well-rounded and happy household.

8. Australian Shepherd

training of australian shepherd
training of australian shepherd

Australian Shepherds are a fantastic match for our Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Both breeds share high energy levels, making them perfect playmates. They can keep up with each other’s needs for physical activity.

These dogs are intelligent and love to learn new tricks. Training sessions become a fun activity for both of them. Having an Aussie around can stimulate our Corgi mentally and physically.

The friendly nature of Australian Shepherds helps them get along well with other dogs. They are sociable and adaptable. This makes for a harmonious home environment when paired with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

9. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is a great companion for our Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These dogs are friendly and energetic. They have a strong sense of loyalty and love to play.

Both breeds are intelligent and trainable. This makes them ideal for families who enjoy teaching their dogs new tricks. They can easily learn commands and follow routines.

Miniature Schnauzers are also known for their alertness. They make good watchdogs, always ready to notify us of any unusual activity. This adds an extra layer of security in our homes.

Their playful nature matches well with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They can spend hours playing together, keeping each other entertained and worn out. This helps prevent boredom and unwanted behaviors in both breeds.

10. Siberian Husky

Brown siberian husky dog standing
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The Siberian Husky is an energetic and friendly breed. They have a history as sled dogs in harsh climates, so they are sturdy and strong. Huskies are known for their striking blue or multi-colored eyes and thick, double coats.

When paired with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the Husky’s playful nature brings a lot of joy. Both breeds love to stay active, making them great companions for each other. While Huskies can be stubborn, they are also highly intelligent and trainable.

The key to a happy relationship between a Corgi and a Husky is plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. We also need to ensure proper socialization from a young age. This combination can result in a lively, affectionate duo that keeps us entertained and on our toes.

Benefits of Having a Companion Dog for Corgis

Corgis can benefit greatly from having a companion dog. These benefits include enhanced physical exercise, mental stimulation, and improved emotional well-being.

Physical Exercise and Stimulation

When Corgis have a companion dog, they get more physical activity. Corgis are known for their high energy levels and need for regular exercise. A companion can help them stay active by providing a playmate for activities such as fetch, running, and roughhousing.

This additional exercise helps them maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risk of obesity-related health issues.

Interactive playtime between Corgis and their companion dogs can also improve muscle tone and joint health. For example, games like tug-of-war or chase can enhance their strength and agility.

Having a playmate can encourage more consistent daily exercise, as they are more likely to be active together than alone.

Mental Health and Stress Relief

A companion dog can positively impact a Corgi’s mental health. Corgis are social animals and can suffer from anxiety or boredom if left alone for long periods. A companion provides constant engagement and reduces feelings of loneliness.

Companion dogs can also be a source of emotional support. Their presence can calm a Corgi during stressful situations, such as thunderstorms or when meeting new people.

Playing and interacting with another dog stimulates the Corgi’s mind, keeping them alert and curious. This mental stimulation can prevent behavioral issues that may arise from boredom, such as excessive barking or chewing.

In summary, having a companion dog helps Corgis stay physically fit, mentally sharp, and emotionally content.