Finding the perfect companion dog for our Alaskan Malamute can enhance their quality of life. These strong and affectionate dogs benefit greatly from the company of another canine friend who shares a similar temperament and energy level. Companion dogs can provide the social interaction and mental stimulation that Alaskan Malamutes need to stay happy and healthy.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 dog breeds that make excellent companions for Alaskan Malamutes. Our goal is to help you choose a breed that will get along well with your Malamute and blend seamlessly into your lifestyle, creating a happy and harmonious household.

1. Golden Retriever

golden retrievers
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Golden Retrievers are known for their loyalty. They thrive in environments where they can interact with both humans and other dogs. This makes them ideal companions for Alaskan Malamutes. This makes them a good match for Malamutes, who can be a bit stubborn. Their patience and eagerness to please help balance the two dogs.

Golden Retrievers are friendly and social. They get along well with Alaskan Malamutes due to their gentle nature. Both breeds have high energy levels, making them perfect playmates. Golden Retrievers are intelligent and easy to train.

2. Siberian Husky

Brown siberian husky dog standing
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Siberian Huskies make great companions for Alaskan Malamutes. Both breeds have a shared Arctic heritage and similar needs. Their energy levels match well. Both breeds love outdoor activities and need regular exercise. This makes them perfect playmates.

It’s important to note that both breeds can be strong-willed. They need consistent training and firm leadership. If we provide this, the two breeds can coexist happily.

Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes have similar temperaments. They are friendly, social, and enjoy being part of a pack. They also share physical traits. Huskies and Malamutes both have thick fur and striking appearances. This helps them thrive in colder climates.

3. Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever and leash
labrador retriever and leash

Labrador Retrievers make excellent companions for Alaskan Malamutes. They are friendly, gentle, and adaptable, which helps balance the Malamute’s strong and independent personality. Both breeds share an eagerness for outdoor activities.

Their energy levels match well, making playtime enjoyable and engaging for both. Labs are known for their intelligence and trainability, which complements the Malamute’s working-dog nature. Labradors bond well with other dogs.

Their social temperament means they can quickly form a positive relationship with a Malamute. This can help reduce any potential behavioral issues and provide mutual companionship.

These qualities make the Labrador Retriever a great choice for those looking to add a second dog to a home with an Alaskan Malamute. The synergy between the two can lead to a harmonious and dynamic household.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Berner Sennenhund Play Outdoor In Green Spr
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The Bernese Mountain Dog is a great companion for our Alaskan Malamute due to its calm and gentle nature. Both breeds share a love for cold climates, making them well-suited to each other.

Bernese Mountain Dogs also have a strong work ethic, much like our Malamutes. This shared trait can help them bond over similar activities and routines.

Our Alaskan Malamutes can sometimes be aloof, but the Bernese Mountain Dog’s friendly demeanor helps create a balanced and harmonious relationship. This combination works well for families looking for companionship and loyalty in their pets.

5. Samoyed

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The Samoyed is a fantastic companion for an Alaskan Malamute. Both breeds come from Arctic regions and share similar traits. Samoyeds have thick, double-layered coats that can handle cold weather well. This breed is known for its friendly and gentle nature, making it a great match for the Malamute’s strength and energy.

Samoyeds are also quite playful and enjoy outdoor activities. They thrive on human interaction and are very social, just like Malamutes. Their bright and alert expression, often referred to as a “Sammy smile,” adds charm to their personality.

Owning both a Samoyed and an Alaskan Malamute means plenty of exercise and playtime. Both breeds need regular physical activity to stay happy and healthy. Samoyeds’ sociable nature will mesh well with the Malamute’s endurance, creating a balanced dynamic in our household.

6. Australian Shepherd

training of australian shepherd
training of Australian shepherd

Australian Shepherds make excellent companions for Alaskan Malamutes. Both breeds are highly energetic and enjoy outdoor activities. They thrive on physical and mental stimulation, making them a great match.

Aussies are intelligent and easily trainable. This quality can help balance the independent nature of Malamutes. They can provide companionship and make training sessions more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Both breeds have a strong work ethic and love herding activities. This shared trait can foster a harmonious relationship. Sharing tasks like agility training or long hikes can strengthen their bond and keep them both happy.

Australian Shepherds are also very loyal. Their friendly and affectionate nature complements the Malamute’s pack mentality. Together, they can form a close-knit and loving family unit.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small, elegant breed. They have a gentle and friendly nature that makes them great companions. They do well with children and other pets, including Alaskan Malamutes. Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels enjoy a moderate level of activity.

They love playtime and short walks. Their affectionate temperament means they often seek our attention and love to cuddle. These dogs are also known for their intelligence. They respond well to training and can learn new commands quickly.

Their silky coat requires regular grooming, ensuring they stay clean and mat-free. This breed’s combination of friendliness, intelligence, and adaptability makes them a wonderful companion for our Alaskan Malamutes. Regular socialization helps them remain well-behaved around other dogs.

8. German Shepherd

German Shepherd
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German Shepherds are loyal, intelligent, and protective, making them excellent companions for Alaskan Malamutes. Both breeds are strong and have high energy levels, which means they enjoy similar activities like hiking and running.

They share a strong pack mentality and thrive on companionship and interaction. This makes them well-suited for families that can provide them with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

The German Shepherd’s versatility complements the Malamute’s endurance and strength. Together, they can form a balanced and harmonious pack. They both need plenty of socialization and training to ensure they get along well.

9. Border Collie

border collie blue merle dog
border collie blue merle dog

Border Collies are one of the best companion dogs for Alaskan Malamutes. They are known for their high energy and intelligence. These traits make them a great match for the active and strong Malamute. Both breeds need lots of exercise. This can include long walks, runs, and playtime in the yard. This helps keep them healthy and happy.

Border Collies also excel in training. They can learn commands and tricks quickly. This makes them easier to manage and a good partner for the disciplined Malamute. Their friendly and social nature helps them get along well with other dogs. They can engage in interactive play, keeping each other entertained.

10. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog at home with christmas tree
Newfoundland dog at home with Christmas tree

Newfoundlands are great companions for Alaskan Malamutes due to their similar build and love for outdoor activities. They are larger and have a thick double coat that makes them well-suited for cold climates, just like Malamutes.

These dogs are friendly and loyal. They get along well with children and other pets, making them excellent family dogs. Despite their size, they are known for being gentle and calm.

Their calm temperament balances the Alaskan Malamute’s high energy. They are also strong and can handle similar levels of physical activity. Regular exercise is important for both breeds, ensuring they stay healthy and happy.

Newfoundlands are intelligent and respond well to training. They can learn commands quickly, which helps in managing their behavior and fostering a positive relationship with our Malamutes.