Keeping your artificial grass clean is essential, especially when you have dogs. Dog urine can leave unpleasant smells and stains if not treated properly. Using the right cleaner can help maintain the look and hygiene of your artificial grass.

Artificial grass cleaners use various formulas to break down and remove odors and stains. When looking for the best cleaner, it’s important to consider the formula’s effectiveness, ease of use, and whether it’s safe for pets and the environment. Some products come ready to use, while others may require mixing or diluting.

Best Artificial Grass Cleaners for Dog Urine

We spent countless hours researching and testing the best artificial grass cleaners for dog urine to help you find the right one.

1. Paws and Play Turf Cleaner

This product is a convenient option to tackle unpleasant smells from dog urine on artificial grass.


  • Simple to apply
  • Organic and non-toxic
  • Effective on multiple types of pet messes


  • Mixed reviews on effectiveness
  • Some reports of broken sprayers
  • The scent may not be appealing to everyone

We found the Paws and Play Turf Cleaner to be very easy to use. There’s no need to mix or prepare anything. Just spray and rinse. This saves us a lot of time compared to other cleaners that require more effort.

The product works well on various surfaces, including dog runs, patios, and fences. It effectively neutralizes odors, leaving our outdoor space much more pleasant. Being organic and non-toxic, it’s safe for pets and children, which gives us peace of mind.

However, not everyone likes the scent. Some users mentioned broken sprayers, which can be frustrating. Also, while many found it helpful, some reviews suggest it might not work as well for strong odors.

Breaking information into smaller chunks enhances readability and ensures our audience can easily understand the product’s benefits and drawbacks.

2. Eco-Strong Outdoor Odor Eliminator

If you’re looking for an effective way to remove dog urine odor from artificial grass, this product is a great choice.


  • Pleasant eucalyptus scent
  • Effective on various surfaces
  • Safe for pets and people


  • Frequent application needed
  • The price is on the higher side
  • Some issues with the sprayer

We’ve tested the Eco Strong Outdoor Odor Eliminator in our backyard, and the results were quite impressive. The eucalyptus scent is fresh and pleasant, masking any lingering urine odors effectively. This product works on multiple surfaces including turf, concrete, and wooden decks, making it versatile for different outdoor settings.

Application is straightforward with the included sprayer, though we did need to reapply the solution every few days to maintain its effectiveness. It’s also worth noting that while the sprayer is of good quality, some users have found it has occasional issues.

The formula is chemical-free, so it’s safe for both pets and humans. This makes it a great eco-friendly choice for families with pets. Despite its higher price, the performance and safety features make it worth considering for maintaining a clean and odor-free outdoor space.

3. Simple Green Odor Eliminator

This product is a reliable choice for keeping your outdoor spaces free from dog urine odors.


  • Removes strong urine odors effectively
  • Safe to use around pets
  • Easy hose-end sprayer application


  • Needs a second application for strong odors
  • Requires water to use
  • Heavier than some alternatives

We found Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator does an excellent job of tackling the worst dog urine smells. Using it around our yard, including on artificial grass and concrete, the fresh scent it leaves behind is very welcome.

Application is straightforward with the hose-end sprayer, which makes quick work of covering large areas. It’s reassuring to know it’s safe for our pets and the environment too.

One downside is that for heavily soiled areas, we needed to apply it more than once. Portability could be improved, as the bottle is quite bulky. Overall, it’s a great product that lives up to its promises.

4. BioS+ Artificial Turf Odor Eliminator

This is a must-have cleaner for anyone with pets and artificial grass.


  • Breaks down pet odors effectively
  • Safe for pets, kids, and plants
  • Fresh, non-overpowering scent


  • May require frequent application
  • A bit pricey
  • Measuring and mixing needed

We found the BioS+ Artificial Turf Odor Eliminator to be really effective in eliminating pet urine smells. It doesn’t just cover up the odors but actually breaks them down, thanks to its BioS+ enzyme technology. Our backyard felt much fresher with a cleaner smell that wasn’t too perfumey.

This product is safe to use around our pets, kids, and plants, which is a big relief. It’s nice not to worry about harmful chemicals. The smell it leaves is pleasant and light, making our outdoor space more enjoyable.

One thing we noticed is that we needed to use it fairly often to keep the odors away completely. It’s also on the expensive side, and you need to measure and mix the concentrate with water. Despite these small inconveniences, it’s a worthwhile investment for keeping our artificial grass odor-free.

5. Stuart Pet Supply Artificial Turf Cleaner

This product is ideal for anyone dealing with persistent pet odors on artificial turf.


  • Effectively removes strong odors
  • Easy to use with a garden hose
  • Long-lasting results


  • Requires a separate spray bottle
  • May need frequent applications in high-traffic areas
  • Slightly more expensive than some competitors

The Stuart Pet Supply Artificial Turf Cleaner stands out for its ability to remove even the stubbornest pet odors. We used it on our backyard turf, which had been a constant issue due to our dogs. Within minutes, the unpleasant smell was gone and didn’t return for days.

Another great feature is its ease of use. The cleaner attaches easily to any garden hose, making the application process quick and simple. The formula goes a long way, meaning you won’t have to reapply it constantly.

On the downside, you will need to purchase a separate spray bottle if you don’t already have one. It’s not a big hassle, but worth noting. In areas with heavy pet traffic, you might need to apply it more often.

Even though it’s a bit pricier than some other cleaners, the effectiveness and convenience make it a worthwhile investment. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to pet odors on artificial turf, this cleaner is a strong contender.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best artificial grass cleaner for dog urine, we need to focus on key features to make an informed choice. Here are some important points to consider:

Safety and Ingredients

It’s crucial to choose a cleaner that is non-toxic and safe for pets. We should avoid harsh chemicals that can harm our pets or damage the artificial grass.

Odor Control

Good cleaners should offer strong odor control. They should not just mask the smell but break down the compounds causing the odor.

Easy Application

We should look for cleaners that are easy to apply. Sprays, hose attachments, or pour-and-rinse formulas are convenient and save time.


Always check if the cleaner is compatible with your type of artificial grass. Some cleaners might be too strong for certain materials.


Using an eco-friendly cleaner helps protect our environment. Look for biodegradable ingredients and recyclable packaging.


We need to consider the cost and decide if it fits our budget. Sometimes, buying in bulk can save money in the long run.


Reviews from other pet owners can provide valuable insights into how well a cleaner works in different situations.

FeatureWhy It Matters
SafetyProtects pets and grass
Odor ControlEliminates unpleasant smells
Easy ApplicationSaves time and effort
CompatibilityPrevents damage to artificial grass
Eco-FriendlinessProtects the environment
CostFits your budget
ReviewsReal-life feedback from other users

Let’s make smart choices to keep our artificial grass fresh and clean for our pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we address common questions about cleaning artificial grass used by dogs. We focus on effective methods, recommended products, and eco-friendly options.

How do I effectively remove the smell of dog urine from artificial grass?

We recommend rinsing the affected area with water first. Then, use a specialized artificial grass cleaner designed to neutralize odors. This approach can help eliminate smells without damaging the turf.

What enzymatic cleaner is most effective for canine urine on synthetic turf?

Enzymatic cleaners break down the proteins in dog urine, effectively removing stains and odors. A product such as Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator is highly effective.

Which product is recommended for disinfecting artificial grass against dog urine?

For disinfecting, Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator is a popular choice. It’s specifically designed for urine odors and can be applied directly to artificial grass.

How can I maintain my artificial grass to prevent urine odor from dogs?

Regular maintenance is key. Rinse the grass regularly, especially in areas frequently used by your dog. Apply a pet-safe disinfectant weekly to keep odors at bay.

What is the best method to neutralize dog urine smell on artificial lawns?

Neutralizing odors involves using a combination of rinsing, enzymatic cleaners, and pet-safe deodorizers. A weekly routine with these products helps keep odors minimal.

Are there any eco-friendly solutions for cleaning dog urine on artificial turf?

Yes, there are eco-friendly options. Vinegar mixed with water is an effective and natural alternative. Biodegradable cleaners such as NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator are also good choices.